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11/21/2019 Meeting Minutes



Agenda Meeting & Notes



__x_ Marty Ginley

__x_ Bill Kerbusch

__x_ Justin Molina

__x_ Donna Doeberling

__x_ Diane Owens

__x_ Sue Strew

Marsha Ginley

Pete and Deb Mahoney


Ed & Jae

Kathy Lester

Ben and Sue

Marylou & Jim

Lenny and MaryLou


• Social Committee (5 minutes – 6:30 – 6:35)

• Snow Plowing (5 minutes – 6:35 – 6:40)

• Sidewalks (5 minutes – 6:40 – 6:45)

• Landscape (5 minutes – 6:45 – 6:50)

• Website (5 minutes – 6:50 – 6:55)

• Budget (10 minutes – 6:55 – 7:05)

• Open Discussion (20 minutes – 7:05 – 7:25)

• Closing Remarks (5 minutes – 7:25 – 7:30)

• Adjourn Meeting promptly at 7:30


Opening Remarks

• Meetings will be quarterly – open to the public

• Goals to keep cost down for 2020

o Improve appearance of neighborhood

o No increase in dues for 2020

Social Committee

• Person who has been here for a month or so, who did not know we had a welcome committee

• Need to let Donna know when someone has moved in

o Donna provides a welcome gift, and delivers the bylaws and covenants and handbook.

o She provides the website info or provides a hard copy.

• Christy Tursky will be moving in next to Bev & Jay and will have a couple of Pods for a couple of days to facilitate their out of state move

• Christmas party is at Donna’s house on 12/12 – please RSVP by 12/9

o Punch (spiked and unspiked will be provided)

• Tell Donna if anyone should receive a card for any reason

Snow Plowing

• Came out 11/11 and did a couple of driveways without cost

• Snow plowing before November 15 or after April 15 usually costs $500

• Only charged for salting

• Negotiated cost for the season – if snow is more than 2”, they will come out.

o Was able to negotiate a deal to clean the city sidewalks

o MT has to deal with insurance and lawyers

o Won’t come out if temperature is less than 24 degrees due to potential frost bite to employees

o Won’t plow wet / frozen snow

o Won’t be responsible for slips and falls resulting from snow blowing

 We will check with insurance and lawyer to make sure there won’t be an issue

o Can the board call about the excessive salt in the street? - Marty will call the service center tomorrow.


• Reserve study is taking place in early December

o Was able to get a contact from neighboring associations.

o Has to be done every 6 years

• They will go through the entire development looking at sidewalks and other common areas the Association will be responsible for

• This will tell us what we need to put away to take care of things down the road

• This will all be part of the budget

• Pete and Deb (10791 Meadow Trail) want to know if the stone around the mailbox can be replaced with concrete so folks can get to the mailbox – especially if they have walkers or other limitations walking.


• Locked into a 2-year contract with SW.

• Could not terminate the contact.

• We will bring in other companies to address items that are not in the base contract – i.e., add on’s.

• We will have an arborist coming in from the City of Strongsville, will be walking the street to evaluate the health of the trees.

• Another free assessment on trees is planned from the retire arborist from Middleburg Hts. who is now working with our snow plowing vendor

• Justin is the new Landscape contact

• Regardless of who is doing work – please provide feedback on the vendor who is doing the work. We need feedback (good or bad) so we can evaluate the services and seek correction of any issues that arise. We need to hold our vendors accountable for the work they do.

• There will be a 72 hour time limit for the board to respond to your landscaping and architecture requests


• We built a new website

• Demo of the website

• On the electronic request, you can upload attachments if you need them.

• In the coming weeks, you will have a link to the new site

• Address is

• Events are also captured on the website

• Meetings will also be posted under coming events

• The mailbox pedestals will continue to be used.

Buildium Software

• We purchased a property management software

• Provides benefits to the community – ability to make HOA payments on Line

• Will go live in January or February

• This will be an ultra-secure site

• We can manage all of our finances on this site

o We can provide and post all financial information to the community

o Will provide transparency to our finances

o We will continue with written communications as long as there are people who want to use it

• We will create a tutorial session on the website to instruct folks how to use Buildium

• Justin will also be available to help if needed.


• Passed out balance sheet

• $150,000 sitting in a fund

• The reserve specialist will tell us how much money we need to have in reserve

• There are a few new items this year we did not do last year

o Reserve Study

o Snow blowing

o Etc.

o First year landscaping may be higher so we can make the landscaping low maintenance


• Tony presented information on an energy audit with the Electric Company that could save homeowners on energy

• Working on an energy audit with Columbia Gas as well.

• You can get forms from Tony

• Tony working on paint matching with Behr paint through Home Depot that can be used instead of Sherwin Williams

• Sue Strew asked who to forward concerns about things hanging on homes that are not right – the answer is Bill Kerbusch.

Task Owner Due Date

Bill to work with Pete and Deb Mahoney re stones around mailbox in front of their home and access to public walkway Bill Kerbusch TBD


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2 comentarios

23 ene 2020

I’m requesting copies of any hand outs and document revisions from meetings we were not able to attend during the last quarter of 2019 - please let me know how this can be arranged.

Jay DeFord


Me gusta

26 dic 2019

Looks great! May want to consider updating the sub association to link to the new website and move anything hosted there to the new website.

Me gusta
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