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2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

Meadow Trail HOA Meeting Minutes December 15, 2022

7:05 PM - 8:30 PM

Intro – Marty Ginley

2021 Meeting Minutes: available still via link to view at discretion – APPROVED

Reports from the Board:

Snow Removal: resigned contract with Ray Novak – 30 years, drives, sidewalks and streets, snow removal and salt. No new forecast for 2023

Insurance: new agency 2 years ago, upped coverage for $90. No claims for past 2 years. Coverage through State Farm. Content with rates and coverage.

Landscaping: #1 complaint every HOA. Interesting year with Moscarino – displeasure from time to time. E.g. islands. Fall clean-up went well but not without issue.

Budget vote: some people without ballot receipt. Have not received all ballots but in receipt over quorum positive 67, 5 nay. Affirmative vote of the budget.

Major Projects: Fence and tree removal

Older section of fence project – took majority of the budget (Phase 1) off Marks Road Phase 2: not as many boards to replace, includes front gates and fences, no surprises

Sidewalk replacement/repairs done 2 years ago: currently one pad to repair in the Spring

Sunday at 3pm: Annual Christmas Concert at Strongsville Middle School

Committee Reports: Co-Chairs of Landscaping for 2023: Pat Metzler and Tom Rogers Privets and burning bush situation: as budget permits we will begin removal of these bushes (from a safety standpoint)

Landscaping: weeds at Harry Wentland’s home, Bob Janke – blade of snow removal

Snow removal at 10803: blocks view in driveway – concerns at Albion Road with snow blocking views as well

Input from the floor:

Bobbi: wants to do solar panels - interested in it being taken up as a community project. HOA Board will not come in between contractor and homeowner when contracts are signed between the two.

New covenants and by-laws to be received in digital format and hard copy by homeowners.


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